GAME NAME: Bot Arena 3
GAME PLAYED: [ 4,594 ]
GAME INFO: It's Time For Technological Mayhem Once Again And Your Bots Are Just As Ferocious As The Last Time They Were In The Ring. Compose A Team Of Your Best Fighters And Turn The Opposition Into Rubble. Every Battle Has A Weight Limit, So You Have To Plan Which Components You Are Going To Use. You Can Build More Vicious Robots As More Components Will Be Available By Winning Your Matches.
GAME CONTROLS: Every Bot Consists Of A Chassis, Plating And Usually A Weapon System. You Can Choose Which Components You Want To Use On Each Bot And How Many Bots You Want To Use. The Only Limitation Is That The Total Team Weight Should Not Be More That The Indicated Weight At The Beginning Of The Match. Controlling A Bot During Battle: Your Bots Are Standard In AI-mode, But Can Be Influenced To Some Extend. Move To Location: Left Click Your Bot And Drag Mouse To The Location. Follow Bot: Left Click Your Bot And Drag Mouse To The Target Bot. Can Be Either Friend Or Foe. Return To AI-mode: Left Click And Release. When You Win A Match, You Will Earn Money And You Will Be Able To Advance To The Next Round. Note: Problems With Crashes Might Be Fixed By Uninstalling And Reinstalling Adobe Shockwave. Both Uninstaller And Installer Can Be Downloaded At The Adobe Website.
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